Boombuz - Fuck Plastic

Boombuz - That´s sustainability, fashionable design and gaudy - all in one.

BOOMBUZ lives up to it´s name. Made of natural, zero-emission synthetics and textiles the austrian bathing sandals show their unique style for the hot days of summer.

Normal shoes need about 300 - 700 years to decay. That´s really unbelieveable. But not the BOOMBUZ flips. BOOMBUZ only need one year to biodegrade - after a normal time of use - in your compost pile.

What´s the secret behind these austrian shoes? Only 100 % natural, nox toxic synthetics, made of corn, canola, soja or sunflowers and bio cotton are used to make them. BOOMBUZ´ production is located in the EU.

The brand´s slogan "Fuck Plastic" is provocative. But BOOMBUZ will show, that trendiness and sustainibility can go hand in hand.