If a warranty is stated in the item description, this warranty is granted worldwide and in addition to all unlimited statutory consumer rights directly by the seller Sunstop Bayern GmbH, Zugspitzstraße 16 A, D-85586 Poing. The warranty period is two years starting from the date of purchase. If the article description explicitly mentions a longer period of time, we also grant the warranty for this longer period.
The warranty includes the following services:
If there is a problem with the product within the stated period due to defective material or workmanship, you may return the product to us. Our repair service will check the damaged product and repair it free of charge if necessary. If the repair is expected to take more than two days or incur unreasonable costs, we will provide you with a replacement product free of charge.
In order to ensure optimal processing, we ask you to securely package the defective product and send it with a copy of the original invoice to the following address: Sunstop Bayern GmbH, c/o GRUBER Paketshop, Dorfstraße 44, D-83088 Kiefersfelden, Germany. We accept the costs for round trip shipping. To ensure the fastest possible service, we would also like to ask you to enclose a short description of the problem or to send us an e-mail in advance. We recommend attaching photos of the defective item to the e-mail, as in some cases we can solve the problem more quickly and without any need for returns (for example, by a replacement).